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On her own initiative, Stephannie reached out to me after discovering and researching my website www.WomenFindPurpose.com.  I help women discern their unique, God-given purpose and get clear on how they can make a bigger, more meaningful difference in the world.  Stephannie is delightfully compassionate and full of love and concern for her fellow man.  Her deep, abiding joy is enhanced by sharing her gifts with others so they may become the people they’re meant to be.  Her gentle, humble, inviting spirit allows her to be wonderfully approachable, and her wisdom-beyond-her-years allow her to serve others as a highly competent mentor and guide.  This is a highly motivated young lady who is going places.  ~Jory Fisher, Certified True Purpose Coach at Jory Fisher and Associates


As a graduate of the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training program, I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephannie Makovsky since 2011. At all times I found Stephannie to be compassionate, courteous and honest. She is a very approachable person who is supportive and encouraging. I am confident she will continue to excel as an Integrative Health Coach and help people find their optimum health. Her services will be a great asset to the community of Lynchburg.  ~Megan Roop, Integrative Health Coach at Zalance


Having worked with Stephannie, I am familiar with many of her strengths. Her firm yet compassionate approach to working with individuals is remarkable. I recall her patience with a gentleman who was particularly resistant to change. Stephannie innately guided him through the Transtheoretical model without formal training in counseling at that time. This client ultimately embraced change and his health improved. Stephannie is an effective coach and will undoubtedly be a leader in helping people achieve optimal health and wellness.
~Caroline Fornshell, Registered Dietician at Johns Hopkins
and Longevity Wellness Solutions.


Stephannie has been my trainer for almost 9 months now.  I hadn’t trained with anyone before, so I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew, is that I wanted to lose 10 pounds of baby weight. I had never worked out regularly at a gym before, and now with 3 kids I wasn’t sure if it would I could even commit to an exercise program. Stephannie worked hard to design a training program to fit what my body needed and my busy schedule. She is committed to using her gentle assertiveness to keep me accountable to the goals I set for myself.  In addition, beyond the workouts, she is a wonderful health coach who encourages me to make smart choices that will only enhance my overall personal goals. And 9 months later, I have gone from a healthy size 6 to a size 4 and lost 15 pounds. I’m in the best shape I have ever been in and I feel amazing! Thanks Stephannie!! ~Jennifer Brown, Pharmaceutical Sales Representive


Working with Stephannie to achieve my health goals is truly a pleasure — even when she tells me to give her five more!  Stephannie is extremely knowledgable and versatile in her approach to wellness.  No two sessions with her have been the same.  She balances my need for cardio and weight training in creative and different ways.  I feel accountable to her, and I know that she wants me to succeed as much as I do. ~Leslie Mathews



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