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Core Barre/Pilates led by Teresa are a great way to work your core!  Pilates Mat sculpts muscle.  Pilates standing Barre classes chisel muscle!  This small group uses the best from Pilates, yoga, and dance classes to work the body!

Pilates Matwork is the foundation for all training at Peakland Pilates. Joseph Pilates’ principles of breathing, centering, control, fluidity, precision, and concentration are at the heart of his mind/body practice of “Contrology”. Improve posture, balance, flexibility, core strength, body awareness and muscle tone. Each class will be different, incorporating Magic Circles, Swiss Balls, Weighted Toning Balls, Mini-Stability Balls, and Flex Bands.

Flow & Go!  Wake up and get moving! This express mat class is based on Joseph Pilates original exercises.  Power Pilates Instructor, Karen Holland, teaches this challenging and fun mat class!

Nia (Non-Impact Aerobics) is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Come with an open mind!

Pilates Fusion is especially for clients who are looking for core strength and flexibility in a fun, creative way with really cool props!

Surfset Fitness Let’s shanks things up, literally.  Surfset is all about getting away from traditional static workouts and challenging your body in new ways.  Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles.  This class creates real change inside & out!

Total Body Barre derived from Lotte Berk’s barre techniques, barre.[d] incorporates extensive high rep strength training for a total body workout yet keeping the flow low impact, balancing isometric with full-range movements, and adding a bit of a cardio kick to each class. 

TRX* (total body resistance exercise) is the most traditionally athletic class at Peakland Pilates. You’ll be squatting, lunging, planking, pushing and pulling while using your own body weight as resistance. So how does this fit in with Pilates? Easy – it’s all core all the time. (45 minutes, 4 people maximum)

TRX Circuits includes TRX*, Bosu, free weights, body bars, and medicine balls for a complete workout! You will be moving to a new exercise station every 45 seconds.  This class challenges your cardiovascular and muscular systems!

TRX/RIP Trainer utilizes the TRX and TRX RIP Training systems for a total body workout!  (45 minutes, 4 people maximum) 


Small groups can vary in size from week to week, and rates vary accordingly.

Beginner TRX/Pilates is a great intro class for anyone who is interested in TRX but hesitant to try a class.  This entry level class will spend 30 minutes reviewing and learning the TRX basic exercises and 30 minutes learning beginner and intermediate Stott Pilates exercises.  No experience necessary! (4 people maximum)

Core Reform is a class specifically designed to bring together the best from Pilates, resistance training, stretching, and fast flowing movement all set to inspiring music.  Reformer experience required!

Pilates Equipment Class utilizes Reformers/Stability Chairs for an overall body workout. Class participants will spend 30 minutes on each piece of equipment.  If you have ever wanted to try the equipment, this is a great way to experience how fun it is!  The class will be offer for 5 weeks.  (4 people maximum)

Jump/Core Get ready to get your heart rate up and tone your muscles! This classes utilizes cardio trampolines and incorporates Pilates mat exercises for overall body training. Great for athletes and welcome to all levels.

TRX/Jump Cardio and Strength training-this class uses the TRX suspension trainer, Cardio Trampolines and Reformer to get you moving!  A Complete Workout in 55 minutes!

Custom small groups are also available with content, day and time to suit you!

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