Surfing At Peakland Pilates!

Yes, we now offer surfset classes!  Surfset is all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways.  Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles to shock the system to create change inside and out!

Surfset is composed of 4 unique programs:
Balance, Burn, Build, and Blend
These programs are meant to accommodate all fitness levels!

Surfset Balance focuses on breathing, flexibility, core strength, and body control.  This is the most “essential” level program.  Try this class if you want to develop your mind/body connections necessary for other Surfset programs.  This is great for yoga enthusiasts looking to elevate their practice!

Surfset Burn is focused on building aerobic capacity, burning fat, and pushing past plateaus with quick, high-intensity sprints.  This programs consists of 4×4 circuits and core strengthening moves.

Surfset Build sessions focus primarily on strength training, while also engaging the core.  You will train upper and lower body as well as some plyometrics using bodyweight, resistance bands, and weights in this workout.

Surfset Blend is an all-inclusive Surfset program that incorporates equal amounts of strength training, aerobic and sprint training, core strengthening, balance improvement, and surf-inspired exercises.

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